Weathercaster Bloopers

Top 18 Weathercaster Bloopers of All Time Compilation

Weathercaster BloopersNews isn’t exactly the most entertaining content available on the airways. However, today, they are more popular than ever before. It can be a fresh change of pace sometimes.

Especially, when it happens to the weather. That’s right, today, we’ll be taking a look into a few of the funniest weathercaster bloopers out there.

The weathercasts can be an awfully dull affair as reading a few temperatures off a green screen. It doesn’t make it up for very good television entertainment. Many weathermen try to combat this by trying jokes but few can succeed.

What we found most entertaining are those that don’t happen on purpose. There’s just something hilarious about unscripted comedy.

Top 18 Weathercaster Bloopers

We scoured the net to find you 18 enjoyable moments during the weather forecast that may put a smile on your face. Without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the bloopers.

1. Unrivaled Dedication

Let’s start by acknowledging a reporter whose passion for weather forecasting is truly an inspiration to everyone. His love for the job is apparent. Matt Laubhan is a man of incredible resolve. He has shown it on multiple occasions.

What makes us say this?

He sat through not one but three approaching tornados to give the people the news that they deserved. On the first occasion in 2014, he actively refused to evacuate the tornado site until he had to, only so he could finish his report. In 2018, when the tornado took out the power, he wasn’t fazed. He reported live on Facebook from the car on his way to safety.

Those two occasions, although commendable, are not bloopers by any means. The entertaining mishaps took place on the third time the danger was approaching.

Laubhan had grown annoyed by someone backstage. He snapped multiple times. We must say that it was quite entertaining to watch one of the most renowned professionals lose his cool. This situation was so funny that Jimmy Kimmel even did a segment on it.

2. Me Car!

It’s not every day that you catch someone in the act of stealing your car. That’s what happened to Luke Bradnam. The weather reporter had just interviewed 3 young men and was on his merry way. Suddenly he saw someone get in his car!

Funnily enough, it was the very same group of teenagers that he interviewed. The reporter ran after his car screaming “me car!”. He was not able to retrieve his truck immediately. He had to watch helplessly as they drove away.

This story doesn’t have a sad ending as the perpetrators were arrested and he got his car back. Bradnam said when talking to these boys, they had a bit of ‘banter’. He felt they were ‘nice’ guys. You never know what people truly are, do you?

3. Suits Are Boring

Jordan Witzel is a fascinating man. While bloopers may be a rare sight in most of the newsrooms, this man is on a mission to make his entire crew laugh. When you picture a weatherman, what do you see him wearing?

A suit? A colorful tie maybe? Well, forget everything you thought you knew about weather forecast dress etiquette, as Witzel is here to change your mind. Now and then, he wears the most absurd costumes.

One hilarious instance of this was- when he decided to wear jorts to work. His co-anchors could not help but burst into laughter.

4. Things Were Getting Heated

Technical glitches are not uncommon. In most cases, they are awkwardly ignored, or the screen fades while a team hurries behind the scene to fix the issue. You don’t need awkward silence or cutaways when you have Cory Mcloskey.

This witty weatherman was faced with a huge oversight on temperature calculations which showed that specific regions were facing temperatures well over 1000 degrees!

What does Mcloskey do? He shows his skills of sarcasm to perfection. His charm and quick jokes made the whole bit even more enjoyable.

5. Doing The Weather Can Be Tiring

Garry Frank earned himself a peculiar reputation at WXMI as an irritable personality. While we think the network really let the man down, his outbursts were rather funny.

Arguably the most famous and well-remembered of these outbursts was when he lashed out on his co-anchors who started complaining about the weather. He got frustrated and yelled out “What do you want me to do? Lie to you?”

His legacy at the network was celebrated with a montage of his top 5 moments when he left for his native Kansas City.

6. That Is Some Fine Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! That’s exactly what Lisa Hidalgo did. Along with excellent reporting skills, the weatherwoman is also athletically gifted, running marathons and even participating in Denver’s dancing with the anchors.

Little did she know- these chops would come to her aid on a routine weather report when a camera slipped to the floor. Rather than letting the situation get worse, Hidalgo started dancing with her feet before dropping to the floor to address the camera herself! Those were some next-level improvisational skills.

7. Zane Doesn’t Know

Perhaps one of the most famous weather bloopers in the history of mankind. This awesome clip features a young boy running onto a live broadcast and doing several antics before being pulled away by one of the producers.

This clip got us a memorable quote from the kid in “I don’t know what’s going on but Zane doesn’t know?”! Who is Zane? Who let the kid run onto the set? We’ll never know anyway.

8. Weather Forecast Was Just A Part-time Gig

Pat Sajak is much more than your average weatherman. You probably don’t even know he ever was one. In case you don’t know- he hosts the ever-popular game show, ‘wheel of fortune’, and has gathered a reputation as one of the biggest television personalities alive.

During his stint in the weather forecast industry, he let his humor shine. In one instance, he wrote a script for his co-anchor to read, which promoted his radio show. Made him flatter Sajak quite a lot.

This seemed to tickle both their funny bones as they could not stop laughing even when it came time to check on the weather.

9. Homage To Bart Simpson

If you haven’t watched the Simpsons, what rock have you been living under?! The TV show has been running for well over 2 decades and features some hilarious running gags.

One of these gags features a prank call where the character Bart creates real-sounding names which are indecent words. The most famous one of these is Seymour Butz. We’ll let you figure this one out.

Having trouble? Well, you’ll be embarrassed once you’re able to spell it out. Imagine this happening to you on live TV. This is exactly what happens when weather reporter Henry DiCarlo said happy birthday to a viewer named Hugh Janus. He didn’t realize there was a double entendre until his co-anchor pointed out what he just said!

10. Wouldn’t You Like To Know?

You can’t talk about famous news bloopers videos without mentioning this one. Along with “Is an elephant heavy?” and “Hide yo kids”, this forms the holy trinity of viral news bloopers.

We’re of course about “Wouldn’t you like to know? Weather boy?” If you’ve never come across this clip, it goes like this.

An unexpecting news reporter approaches a young boy outside a firecracker store and asks him “What is the best kind of firework to buy?” His response lives on in infamy and cements the position of this video as an elite news blooper!

11. Man’s Gotta Eat…Sorta

While there are several shots of news reporters eating on the job, those are usually scripted and not all that funny. What makes this blooper especially fun is that it’s not man-eating, no, it was a spider eating its prey on live television.

No, the network wasn’t out to get arachnophobes. The spider had simply landed on a camera lens during taking a shot of the city to catch a small insect that was on the camera already. The weatherman hilariously quipped about it being a giant spider over the city.

12. Katsaridaphobia Is A Thing

Two bug bloopers back-to-back? If you don’t know what Katsaridaphobia is like most people, it is the fear of cockroaches. There are a lot of people with this fear and for good reason.

No one likes cockroaches. They are disgusting. Weatherman Justin Mosely certainly agrees with this opinion as he ran off the set when one of the creepy crawlers exposed itself. We don’t blame him. Wouldn’t you do the same thing?

13. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Speaking of running off the set, sometimes it isn’t what’s around you, but what’s inside you that’s affecting your decisions if you know what I mean.  Sometimes, nature doesn’t let you know before calling you!

Unfortunately, this is what happened to a reporter on live TV. The poor man was left helpless to the whims of bowels as he tried to rush through the weather report. He made it quite far.

But alas, he had to head off the set in the middle of his forecast and use the facilities. He handled the situation with a lot of grace and for that, we have to give him a lot of credit.

14. Camouflage Better Than A Chameleon

One of the first things they tell you when you enter the world of weather forecasts is to avoid the color green. This is because the weather infographics are presented on a green screen. If you wear that color, you become a green screen yourself.

It seems that experienced meteorologist Liberté Chan forgot this golden rule as she wore a shade that she thought was light enough to differentiate her from the green screen. Her assumption was wrong as she blended right into the infographics.

She did handle the situation like a champ, however, telling the cameraman to pan away. One of her co-anchors rushed to her aid with his jacket and the ensuing situation was funny with her modeling the coat which didn’t fit her.

15. Marvel Knows How To Market

You’ve got to give it to Marvel. They know how to sell their movies. It was a genius move to send the Charismatic Tom Hiddleston to do a weather report.

What makes this such a smart move? He plays Loki, brother of Thor, AKA the god of thunder. As he joked about his brother causing the storms around the country in character, the crew burst out into laughter, creating a wholesome blooper. However, that wasn’t the only mention of Thor in weather reports.

16. Lightning Balls!

BBC has established itself as a premium source of news and is known for its serious tone. Nonetheless, there are a few bloopers here and there. Since we’ve discussed the Thor one already, let’s cover another one centered around him.

Tomasz Schafernaker, the weatherman at this esteemed outlet, had a massive slip of the tongue as he asks his viewer to be prepared for Thor and his lightning balls! He instantly corrects himself by saying lightning bolts but the damage was done already. On the bright side, we all had a good laugh.

17. A Bit Of A Trip-up

Tomasz Schafernaker in two bloopers in a row? The man has some rotten luck. Nonetheless, we have to say he has a lot of grace and tact to deal with these situations.

In this instance, he simply tripped mid-report. Initially, he just said “excuse me” and carried on as if nothing had happened. He acknowledged it again to avoid awkwardness by hilarious recalling the incident.


This last one is not so much a blooper as it is an absolute win. Welsh reporter Liam Dutton casually says- “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”, while reporting on the Welsh town’s weather.

We wanted to end the list with something that was quite literally the opposite of a blooper and this fits the bill, don’t you think?

Do Weathercasters Make Mistakes Intentionally?

If you’ve watched all those funny weather forecast videos, you’ll notice that all the bloopers made those moments a lot more enjoyable.  That begs the question, was it staged?

In all honesty, we have no idea, and there is no way to tell with certainty if a blooper was genuine, or if the weatherman or woman was good at performing.

We believe it’s best not to be cynical and assume that people fake these accidents. In some cases, these bloopers are potentially embarrassing or career-threatening, so we don’t think they were done on purpose.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if they meant to make the blunder or not. The fact of the matter is that it happened and it entertained thousands if not millions.

Final words

There you have it, a list of 18 weathercaster bloopers that make you realize that these suave and eloquent weather reporters are human beings just like you and me and may make mistakes. The only difference is our slip-ups don’t end on tv and the internet.

Weather forecasting is no easy job since it comes with risks like embarrassment and ridicule. We’re sure you know that now. We hope you found this article entertaining.

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