Dallas Vs Houston Weather

Dallas Vs Houston Weather: Things That You Should Consider

Dallas Vs Houston WeatherDallas and Houston are two of the most famous cities in the whole of Texas. They are culturally rich and offer various charms for travelers and tourists. As these cities are 218 miles apart, their weather differs a lot.

Houston has a more humid climate than Dallas because of being off the Galveston Bay. The weather in Dallas is usually milder than in Houston. We will go over Dallas vs Houston weather based on different aspects to find out which city has a better living conditions.

Houston vs Dallas Weather: A Complete Breakdown

From the average temperature to humidity to precipitation rate, we will consider everything in this comparison to give you a complete idea of how the weather can be in these two cities. Let’s jump into it.

Average Maximum Temperature

Average Maximum Temperature

Starting with the maximum temperature, Houston is 3℉ warmer than Dallas on average. Though the average maximum temperature of Dallas becomes higher during Jul-Aug by about 3℉, Dallas has a much lower maximum temperature than Houston during Nov-Feb.

It can easily be said that Dallas has a lower average maximum temperature compared to Houston. So, Dallas is more comfortable to live in than Houston.

Average Minimum Temperature

Average Minimum Temperature

The difference in average minimum temperature between these two cities becomes higher during Nov-Mar. Houston’s average minimum temperature is about 5℉ higher than Dallas during this season.

But in the Jul-Aug season, Houston’s average minimum temperature is about 3℉ lower than Dallas. In Sep, both the cities possess an equal average minimum temperature.

Relative Humidity

As Houston is closer to the coast compared to Dallas, it has more humid weather than Dallas. Houston’s average humidity in Jul-Sep is about 8-10% higher than Dallas. If we calculate the average annual humidity, Houston still has a higher score of about 4.9%.

So, Dallas will be more comfortable to live in terms of relative humidity. The humidity in Houston rises much more than in Dallas in Jul-Sep.

Average Precipitation


Talking about the precipitation, Houston has a higher amount of precipitation because of its higher humidity. Houston sees the maximum precipitation in Jun-Oct, which is about 40-50mm more than in Dallas.

But the annual average of precipitation is much higher in Houston. The city has 291mm more precipitation than Dallas. So, it might be a bit inconvenient for travellers to visit Houston compared to Dallas.

Number of Precipitation Days

If you consider the number of precipitation days, Houston has the higher number. Annually, the difference between Houston and Dallas in terms of precipitation days is about 26. This difference is the maximum in Jul-Sep, which remains between 4-5 days.

Chance of Precipitation

Due to the high humidity, Houston has a higher chance of precipitation on any given day. This chance becomes much higher in Jul-Sep, which lies between 13-16%.

If we calculate the annual percentage, Houston has 7% more chances of precipitation than Dallas.

Average Sunlight Hours

Average Sunlight Hours

Houston has a bigger span of sunlight hours compared to Dallas. If we look at the detailed statistics, the difference in sunlight hours per day between these two cities is greater in May, Aug, and Sep.

The average difference in sunlight hours is 8 minutes between these cities.

Sun Altitude

Sun Altitude

Houston has a higher sun altitude almost throughout the year. The sun altitude in Houston is about 2.9° higher than in Dallas. As a result, Houston has a higher maximum temperature which you have already seen.

Average Dew Point

Talking about the dew point, the average temperature in Houston is 5℉ higher than in Dallas. The difference becomes greater in the Nov-Mar season, which is about 7℉. Though the difference is reduced during other months of the year, Houston has an overall higher dew point.

If we consider the maximum dew point, the chances of having a muggy condition are almost 97-98% in Houston in the Jun-Aug season. But the chance is much lower at 79-83% in Dallas during the same season.

Chance of Clear Skies

Chance of Clear Skies

The chance of getting clear or mostly clear skies is higher in the Jun-Jul season in both cities. There are 69% chances that you will get a clear sky in Dallas during this season.

But the chance drops at 58% for Houston. This drops even more in Aug and goes down to 52-53%. But Dallas has 67-68% chances of getting clear skies even in those months.

Average Wind Speed

Dallas has a higher wind speed than Houston almost all the year round. The wind speed is maximum in the May-Jun season, when Dallas usually has a wind speed of 9.9 miles per hour. During the same season, Houston normally has a wind speed of 8.1 miles per hour.

We do a deep dive into wind speed in our article on how are wind measure by your's own.

Which Is More Comfortable City Between Dallas and Houston?

You might already have an extensive idea of the weather in these two cities. If we consider all the aspects of the climate, we can easily differentiate the comfort level in these cities.

According to the Best Places Comfort Index report, which is published annually, Dallas has a higher comfort rating. With its lower maximum temperature, relative humidity, precipitation days, and other aspects, Dallas has a comfort rating of 7.1 on a scale of 10.

But Houston has a lower rating of 6.6 on the same scale considering the same aspects. So, it is clearly seen that Dallas is more comfortable than Houston. If we compare these two cities with the others in Texas, Dallas has almost the same comfort level as other cities.

But Houston is less comfortable than other cities in Texas. In Dallas, Apr, May, and Oct are the most comfortable months, whereas Mar, Apr, and Oct are for Houston. Overall, Dallas is a better place to go if you are expecting gentle weather.


With this comparative discussion on Dallas vs Houston weather at your fingertips, you will now have a better understanding of the comfort level of these two cities.

Both cities have a lot to offer. But if you are going to reside in one of these cities, this data will help you choose the most comfortable city based on its weather aspects.

Dallas should be your ultimate destination if you look for a mild weather place. It has a lower maximum temperature, relative humidity, and precipitation rate to give you an awesome living experience.

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