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Top 10 Best Car Holsters in 2022 | Reviews by an Expert

Best Car HolsterA holster is used to keep your firearm secure. It is sort of like a casing that restricts the undesired movement of firearms.

A lot of us tend to carry firearms in our cars for our safety. When driving, the possibility of firearms moving increases. That is why investing in a good-quality car gun holster is a must.

The best car holster will be able to hold on to your gun, keep it safe, and make it easily accessible as well.

There are a lot of car holster options available in the market. Which one should you put your money on? Let’s find out in detail.



Editor's Rating


VULCAN Quickdraw Magnetic Car Gun Mount

5 out of 5

KEEPER MG Gun Magnet for Vehicle

5 out of 5

Highway Multi-Mount Vehicle Holster

4.5 out of 5

Ragnar Industries Tac-Mag Gun Magnet

Ragnar Industries Tac-Mag Gun Magnet

4 out of 5

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

4.5 out of 5

Benefits Of Using Vehicle Gun Holster

Benefits Of Using Vehicle Holster

A gun holster for the car can be a great way to carry your firearms inside your vehicle. There are a lot of advantages that this product provides. Here are just a few.

1. Concealment

If you are carrying a firearm in your car, it is a good idea to conceal it. You don't want people to know that you have a gun in your car. This might alarm people, and trigger intruders to use more brutal methods of attack.

Some countries don't allow you to carry a gun in the open as well. If you live in a state where it's mandatory to keep your gun concealed, adding a car holster will be a great way to store your firearm.

2. Easy Access

If you're keeping your gun on the loose, or, keeping it just on the seats, when you face an emergency, you might face trouble finding the gun.

It might have been misplaced with other things in your car. When you have a specific holster for your gun, it becomes easier to get access to it. You know exactly where the firearm is, and you know exactly where to reach.

Research has shown that- storing your firearm in vehicle car mounts results in much easier access to a gun than keeping it loose.

3. Protection

Not keeping your gun set in a place can be very dangerous. Someone could get access to it. If a gun reaches into the wrong hand, the potential outcome could be disastrous.

Also, if you don't have the safety on, a gun could go off accidentally inside the car.

That is why it is better to keep your gun inside a holster with the ammo removed. You can load the gun as needed.

Top 11 Best Car Gun Holster For The Money 2022

1. VULCAN Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount for Car

The first product on our list is this gun holster from Vulcan.

This unit is made of very high-quality plastic. The high grip magnetic construction has been made with innovative design. Therefore, the Vulcan quickdraw can hold on to any flap top handgun quite firmly.

Besides being mounted on a car, you can also install this holster on your desk, or anywhere at your home. It's quite versatile In design.

One of the main things that we love about this concealed gun holster for car is its construction. It has a premium quality scratch-free fasting coating.

The study exterior does not cause any harm to your firearms. The magnets in the construction ensure that the firearm is held in place securely no matter how bumpy or tough your roads are.

The product comes with four screws for mounting. You also get one premium Vulcan decal with your purchase. You can install the quick draw holster using the screws included, or with heavy-duty magnets. If required, double-sided 3M adhesive tape can also be used. Installation is very flexible and easy with this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • All parts for installation are included with the package
  • Perfect fit for flat top handguns
  • Can be installed using magnets or double-sided tape
  • Does not scratch firearm and keeps it steady in place

2. KEEPER MG Gun Magnet for Vehicle

Next, we have this tactical car holster from keeper MG. This holster has been made with a very high-quality rubber-coated material.

It comes with very easy installation procedures. There's no need to drill any holes to set this one up. The double magnetism allows you to easily set the holster upon any metal surface. You can use the holster inside your car, or at home.

The magnets on the unit keep the gun held in place. Even if you are riding on a bumpy road, you can count on the holster to hold the firearm steady.

The holster also gives you easy access to the gun. It can hold any type of gun starting from handguns, rifles, magazines, to even shotguns. All you have to do is place the gun on the magnet and it will stay put. If you are planning on concealing or holding a long gun, you might have to use two magnets.

Thankfully the magnets that you need are included with the purchase. Mounting screws have also been included if you want a more permanent setup.

The item weighs only 0.3 lb and is made with high-quality rubber. Therefore, the unit will not scratch or harm your firearm.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with high-quality rubber
  • Does not put scratches on your firearm
  • Weighs only 0.3 lbs
  • Can be easily mounted using magnets
  • Gives you easy access and holds the gun steady in place

3. Highway Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount Option

The highway holster has been designed to hold your guns safely in place. It has been made with plastic and is quite durable.

This adjustable holster can be set up in between seats or console gaps. The flexible model can be installed on most vehicles without any hassle.

Also, the holster can provide a mounting base to help you attach other products such as cell phones or iPads. It's known as the most effective pistol holder for trucks.

There is no complicated installation process for this model. There are no screws or magnets involved. You can just fit it in between a space between the seats or consoles.

Therefore, you can remove and reinstall the holster in other devices quite easily. Made with ABS plastic, the holster weighs only 10 oz.

Unfortunately, the holster and the mount are sold separately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to remove and reinstall
  • Made with high-quality ABS plastic
  • Weighs only 10 oz.
  • Provides a mounting base to hold your guns and other accessories

4. Ragnar Industries Tac-Mag Gun Magnet

Ragnar Industries Tac-Mag Gun Magnet

Holsters that have weather-resistant features are more durable. There is no doubt about that.

If you live in a region that has frequent weather changes, the Ragnar industries gun magnet will be the perfect option for you.

This unit comes with a waterproof and shockproof design. Therefore, no matter how bumpy the roads are, this holster will not fall off.

The unit can be mounted under a desk, on a bedside, inside the car, office, or in an entryway. The multi neodymium magnets help these stick Much better. A magnetic gun holster for car as such can be a great aid for people who carry firearms in their vehicles.

The unit has a 25-pound rating, and will for sure hold the gun in place. It is known as one of the strongest gun magnets on the market.

The unit has been made with polymer plastic and weighs only about 0.07 kilograms.

Using the holster, you can mount your guns in a boat parallel or perpendicular position. The rare earth magnets will be able to hold the firearm in place quite easily. The unit can support up to 35 lb of weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rare earth magnets keep the holster in place
  • Has a 25 lb rating
  • Weather-resistant plastic construction
  • Comes with a shockproof design
  • Known to be one of the strongest magnetic holsters

5. Gum Creek Car Handgun Mount

This car holsters for 9mm can be used to hold firearms seamlessly in place. Whether you carry a full-size handgun or a subcompact one, this holster can hold it in place.

The installation process for this holster is very easy. If your car has a belt loop or clips, this holster will fit for sure. The unit does not require any drillings or usage of power tools to be installed. There are two metal hooks on this holster that you have to securely place on the bells. Once you place down the holster, it will fasten down in position.

The handgun mount is easily accessible. The holster can be mounted anywhere in the car for convenience. And because the installation process is not permanent, you can try out different setup placements and choose one that makes you comfortable.

This holster has been made with very high-quality metal clips that help keep the gun steady. This is what makes this product safe for usage in vehicles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be installed easily with no power tools needed
  • High-quality metal clips keep the gun in place
  • Can be used to store 9mm guns or even subcompact handguns
  • Made with high-quality metal and cloth material
  • Easy to remove and reinstall

6. SkyCity Adjustable Car Seat Holster

SkyCity Adjustable Pistol Pocket Car Seat Holster

Durability is one of the key features that you should look for when purchasing a car seat pistol holster. 

This one from sky City has been made with a very high quality 800 d nylon and elastic tape material. Therefore, the unit is sturdy, durable, and also allows air permeability.

You can adjust the holster according to your need with the help of the adjustable cord. This cord can be attached to the back of a car seat and can be adjusted according to the seat size. The cords keep the holster steady and prevent it from shaking.

Five divisions in the holster allow you to store your gun and other accessories such as medium-sized pistols, pistol magazines, knives, or flashlights.

The installation process is very easy for this one, there are no power tools required. You just have to adjust the cord and fit it tightly to the seats.

Highlighted Features:

  • No tools are required for installation
  • Comes with five divisions to help you store accessories
  • Made with 800D nylon material
  • Allows air permeability
  • Can be attached to the back of your car seat



Not all gun holsters have to be expensive. Sometimes a more affordable product can become the best car holster for you.

A good example of this can be the gun mount universal under the steering column pistol carrier. This is a holster that can easily be installed under the steering of your vehicle. The universal mount can be attached to almost all kinds of vehicles.

The installation process is just a plate with a slim retainer that is slid onto the lower portion of the steering wheel. There are adjustable straps and hooks on the lower side that help you give the holster a stronger fitting.

It is one of the top gun holsters that you can get for your car for concealed carrying of firearms.

Highlighted Features:

  • Affordable
  • Can be installed in a few minutes
  • Comes with straps that let you adjust the fitting
  • Keeps the gun concealed
  • Sturdy plastic hold

8. AmazeFan Magnetic Gun Holster for Car

This vehicle holster multi-mount from Amazon is a treat for people who don't like complicated installation procedures. Magnets have been provided with the unit. It helps you easily install the holster to your car or your bedside.

If needed, you can also screw the holster in place using the 0.75-inch mounting screws included with the purchase.

The holster also has a rating of 15.4 lb. Besides being easy to install, the unit holds guns in a very steady position and allows you to get access to them very easily. The holster can accommodate almost all kinds of flap top handguns.

It can be loaded very quickly, and the gun can be drawn out of the holster very easily as well. The operation procedures are very simple with no complications so that you can get access to the gun in a few seconds when in need.

You only have to hold the gun and push it forward to fit it into the chamber. It can hold up to 7 kg of weight!

Highlighted Features:

  • Can hold about 7 kilograms of weight
  • Allows easy access
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be mounted using magnets or screws
  • Has a 15.4 lb rating

9. Concealed Carrier, LLC, Gun Magnet w/ Adhesive Backing 

Gun holsters with an easy mounting system can be great for installing in any place of the house. This gun holster from the concealed carrier can be attached almost anywhere. Starting from under your bed, under your desk, in a car, to even in your dresser, you can mount this firearm holster almost anywhere.

You can either screw the holster in permanently or attach it with magnets. It can hold compact and even mid-sized handguns. Shotguns and full-sized handguns can also be attached to them.

The neodymium magnet can hold on to the gun very steadily. It keeps it in place and prevents the gun from shaking or moving.

For ease of installation, the holster comes with all of the necessary hardware included.

A protective coating on the gun magnets keeps the firearm from getting scratched.

With the powerful magnets holding your gun in place, you will never have to buy another gun rack again. The holster is very compact and can be attached to almost any place. It can hold on to up to 25 lbs. of weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can hold on to shotguns
  • Two of the holsters can be used to hold long guns
  • Can hold up to 25 lbs of weight
  • Comes with all hardware included
  • Can be installed in cars, bedrooms, or dressers

10. OTW Truck Gun Holster

When looking for the best gun mount for car, you have to look for a lot of features. In these, durability, and ease of access are the main functions that one should seek.

This OTW vehicle holster gives you easy and simple access to the gun. You can mount this unit onto your vehicle without needing any power tools.

The concealed carry holster comes with bells, which you attach to your seats. The thick nylon construction is sturdy enough to hold the gun in position. It prevents the gun from shaking or moving unnecessarily.

Because there is no drilling or gluing, you can remove the holster very easily. This way, you can attach the holster to another car as well.

When installed correctly, you can get very easy access to the gun. The two adjustable straps are included so that you can install the holster on your dominant side. The ambidextrous setup procedure keeps the holster steady in place.

The unit can hold on to full-size, compact, and even subcompact handguns. The Velcro strap is strong enough to hold these firearms in place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gives you easy access to the gun
  • Ambidextrous setup
  • No need to drill or glue the holster in place, the belts are adjustable
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Velcro is strong enough to hold full sizes handguns in place

11. Jotto Gear Quick Access, Rugged Steel, Locking Handgun Holster

Unlike gun vaults, this Jotto holster gives you simple and easy access to your firearm. But, to keep the units safe, this holster comes with locking security.

When it comes to insulation, there are a lot of methods that you could choose. The unit can be screwed in or can be held in place using magnets. If needed, you can also use strong double-sided tape to keep the faster in place.

The design of the holster is such that it allows Any dirt and grime to flow through. Therefore, the gun is not just sitting in the dust.

Although the construction is made with very high-quality steel, it has a coating that prevents your firearms from getting scratched. Protecting your firearm and keeping it within reach is the main task of this rugged steel-locking handgun holster.

The product does weigh a little bit more, but it helps keep the firearm steady. This holster also has a very good shock-absorbing capacity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a good shock-absorbing capacity
  • Does not let dirt and grime accumulate
  • Can be mounted in a lot of ways
  • Sturdy steel construction that does not scratch your firearm
  • Gives you simple and easy access unlike vaults

Comparison Chart Of  Top 11 Vehicle Holster

Product Name






Screws, Magnets, Or Double Sided Tape

0.11 Kg



Magnet Or Screws

0.3 Lbs



No Screws No Magnet Installation

10 Oz.

Ragnar Industries



0.07 Kg

Gum Creek


Belt Loop Mount

0.45 Lbs



Belt Cord System

0.22 Kg



Belts And Sliding Plate Installation Procedure

Not Mentioned




0.16 Kg Approximately

Concealed Carrier

Neodymium Magnet


0.09 Kilograms Approximately




0.11 Kilograms

Jotto Gear


Multiple Mounting Options Such As Double Sided Tape, Magnets, Or Screws

‎2.13 Kilograms Approximately

Car Holster Buying Guide

Car Holster Buying Guide

When buying a car holster, you should look into a lot of factors. Don't just buy any hidden gun holster for car. You need to look deeper into a few aspects so that you end up with the right product.

A firearm in the car could save your life. Let's take a look at the few features we need to keep our eyes on.

1. Safety

One of the main things that you need to check for when buying a firearm holster for your car is safety.

A vehicle seat holster needs to have a proper locking mechanism to be safe. A lot of people might be riding in your car. You cannot just keep a gun inside the car unlocked.

But, this locking system should not be too complicated. You will most likely reach for the gun when you're in a hurry. You should be able to open the clasp and get access to the gun easily.

We recommend not investing in holsters that come with actual locks. Locks can be hard to open when you're in a hurry. Go for something that can keep the weapon concealed and safe.

2. Sturdy

The holster that you are purchasing should be able to hold on to the gun safely. The fit should be tight enough to hold the gun in place.

Your car, when running, will move a lot. The best car holster will make sure that the gun in the holster does not move unnecessarily, as it can accidentally pull the trigger.

Make sure, that the safety is on when you're not using the gun.

3. Concealing Capability

In some states, you are bound to keep your weapons concealed. So, the holster should be in such a position that keeps the weapon hidden, but easy to access.

Luckily, there are a lot of options in the market that come with all of these features included.

Where To Install A Gun Holster For Your Truck And Car?

Where you install or mount a car gun holster is a complicated decision.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the mounting should be in a position that is easily accessible. You should be able to reach the holster from the front seats.

Holsters can be installed beside your seats. Or, you can also install them behind the seats.

If you have a holster that can be installed and reinstalled easily, you should set it up, and see if it's comfortable and easy to get access to. If the gun holster is the screw-in type, hold it in position and see if you can get easy access to the gun.

Ultimately, where you install a gun holster will depend on your level of comfort. But, the truck pistol mount should be such that it is very easy and fast to access.

Vehicle Firearm Carry Laws For Different States

Vehicle Carry Laws

If you want to carry a firearm in your car, you first have to know about your state's law about it. Some states allow you to carry firearms openly, while others require you to conceal them. Let's take a look at the laws concerning caring foreign vehicles for a few major states.

1. California

In California, you have to carry a state permit to purchase long guns and handguns. This is a partial permit.

The firearm has to be registered, but the owner does not need to have a license. There are assault weapon laws for both- long guns and handguns.

With that, there's also a restriction on the magazine capacity. If you want to carry a handgun in a concealed manner, you will need a license. But, you don't need a license for concealed carry of long guns.

Both of these guns are partially allowed to be carried in the open.

2. Florida

In Florida, you don't need any state permit to purchase long guns or handguns. You don't need firearm registration, and there are no assault weapon laws. There are no magazine capacity restrictions, or owner license required either.

There is no applicable law for the open carry of these weapons. You will need a permit for concealed carry of handguns, but there is no required permit for long guns.

3. Illinois

In Illinois, you are required to have a permit for the purchase of long guns and handguns. You also need an owner permit. Although, firearm registration is not required.

However, you are not allowed to carry these weapons openly. You can carry a handgun in the vehicle, but cannot carry a long gun. There are no assault weapon laws, or magazine capacity restrictions either.

4. New York

In New York, you will need a state permit to purchase long guns, but will not need any state permit to gorgeous handguns. Long guns don't have to be registered, but the handgun needs to have firearm registration. The same goes for the requirement of an owner's license.

You cannot carry these weapons openly. There are assault weapon laws and magazine restrictions as well.

5. Ohio

In Ohio, you do not need a state permit, firearm registration, or even an owner's license for purchasing and carrying long guns and handguns. There are no assault weapon laws or magazine capacity restrictions. You won't need a permit for concealed carry of long guns, but you will need one for handguns.

There is no permit required for the open carry of these firearms.

6. Texas

In Texas, you won't need a state permit required for the purchase of handguns or long guns. There's no requirement for firearm registration or owner's license.

Similarly, there are no assault weapon laws, or magazine capacity restrictions. You won't need a permit for concealed carry or open carry.

In fact, there is no restriction for the campus carrying of long guns.

7. Washington

Here, there are no magazine capacity restrictions or permits required for open carry. But, you will need a partial permit for the purchase of long guns. There's no permit required for the purchase of handguns.

You will need partial fire registration for both of these firearms. There's no requirement for an owner's license.

Here are the laws applied to other states of the country regarding firearms.

Tips And Caution While Carrying Gun Inside Your Vehicle

Tips And Caution While Carrying Gun Inside Your Vehicle

To ensure proper safety, there are a few tips and tricks that you should follow with your vehicle handgun mounts.

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Law

The first thing that you need to do is familiarize yourself with the law. Each state has different laws for carrying firearms.

Get to know what the laws are in your locality. Whether you are allowed to carry a gun in public spaces, or, how you are expected to carry the firearm. This way, you can avoid getting yourself pulled over by the cops and avoid getting questioned. 

2. Keep The Holster Concealed

You should keep the holster concealed for your safety. If an intruder gets into the car and sees that there is a weapon present in the vehicle, they will definitely try to use it.

You should keep the placement of the truck gun holster a secret. Only share the location of the holster with someone you trust, and someone you think needs the safety.

Don't place the holster in a position that is easy to see. It should be a little concealed.

3. Check The Gun

Check your gun regularly to ensure full functionality. Keep the safety on at all times for safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Car Holsters Made Of?

Gun holsters are usually made out of leather. But these are the holsters that are used on belts.

A car holster is made out of a starter material such as high-quality metal, or even rugged steel.

2. Is It Safe To Carry A Gun In Your Car?

If you live in a neighborhood where you need to carry a gun for your safety, or if your work requires you to carry firearms, it can be safe for you to carry a gun in your car.

Carrying a gun in your car is completely safe if you have concealed the holster or the under dash gun mount properly. Also, if you are following the law.

3. How To Mount Car Holsters?

You can mount a car holster in a lot of ways. Different brands have different installation procedures for vehicle gun mounts.

Some gun holsters can be stuck onto a surface, while others have to be screwed in. It depends on the brand that you are buying from.

Final Word

If you carry a gun in your car, investing in a holster is almost mandatory for you. There are a lot of procedures that you have to follow if you want to store a gun in your car.

For example, the gun should be concealed and held steady in a place where it is easy to access. A foolproof way to store a gun in your car is to get the best car holster that you can find.

The car holster should be sturdy, lightweight, and durable. It should also have an easy installation process. Thankfully, there are a lot of great options in the market right now. We tried to cover and talk about most of them in our article.

So, choose the right holster for you and stay safe!

Next: Choose the right sig p365 holster from our list.

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